Tipping Guidelines

Showing Appreciation to Your Support Team

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As you embark on your Kilimanjaro expedition with Explore Trekking Adventures, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the support team that accompanies you on this extraordinary journey. Tipping is an integral part of the local culture and a way to express gratitude for the efforts of the guides, porters, cooks, and other staff who play a crucial role in making your climb a success.

Tipping is an act of showing appreciation for the services one gets on a tour from the crew and staff. Others find it surprising, especially coming from nations and cultures where it is not practiced at all. This is because on these treks Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru demand a large crew consisting of a senior guide, assistant guides, cooks, and porters. This is not the same as on a safari whereby only a driver tour guide and cook are enough.

You may ask why it is not included in the package, simply because we do not involve ourselves in the process as a company. We only provide you our guidelines on tipping the crew which you will directly do yourself at the gate on the last day. Also, we avoid losing transparency and being accused of overcharging our clients and underpaying tips to the crew. As tips depend on the size of the group it is not ours to know in the future what the final size of the group will be, this is a task conducted by our senior guide.

Our Tipping Guideline.

The staff is always extremely grateful for a generous tip, and our company has prepared this tipping guideline below which will assist our clients. It is to be noted that the amounts shown below include;
• Senior guide 20$ -25$ per day from the whole group 
• Assistant guide 15$ -20$ per day from the whole group 
• Cook 15$ -20$ per day from the whole group 
• Waiter 10$ -15$ per day from the whole group 
• Summit porter 10$-15$ per day from the whole group 
• Toilet crew 10$-15$ per day from the whole group 

N: B 

For Safaris we recommend 10% of the whole package. The best way to give tips normally is by collecting the tips for the whole group and then dividing them among the crew members. Also, tips could be placed in envelopes addressed to each member and handed directly to each member by their status.