Kilimanjaro International Airport

Our company reminds you to obtain a visa before entering the country. As it is required of all, you can obtain your VISA in your home country if you go to the Tanzanian Embassy office, if you can not locate the Embassy you can obtain it on arrival at the airport in Tanzania. On arrival you will have to line up at the second line which is for those entering without VISA. Obtaining your VISA at the airport is not complicated, you will only be needed to pay cash 100$ for both Canadian and American citizens, for those originating from other countries will pay 50$ per person for their Tanzanian VISA.
We highly recommend our clients to make sure they have been vaccinated with yellow fever vaccine not less than 10 years from date. You could be vaccinated at the airport when obtaining your VISA, but we advise you to do it in your own country two weeks before traveling and please come with your certificate as this is important for you during the whole tour. The government authorities in Tanzania are taking these measures so as to risk the infection is not spread in the country. At present it is mostly advised to travel with your covid19 vaccination certificate plus masks as all our members are vaccinated.