Mountain Trekking Packages

5895 meters high Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest extinct volcanic mountain in Africa. It has a Snow caped peak and is among the highest mountains in the world. It has challenging trails up passing through five (5) different zones namely;

1. Cultivation areas 
2. Mountain forest 
3. Moorland zone
4. Alpine desert zone
5. Summit zone
  •Routes up Mount Kilimanjaro.
1.The Marangu route— it is the most famous route up Mount Kilimanjaro also known as the “Coca-Cola Route “ and it offers hut accommodation. A 65% success to the summit.
2. Machame route – Is among the best popular routes up Mount Kilimanjaro. A 95% success to the summit.
3. Lemosho route — Starts in the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro an eight days trekking with the best scenery and good for acclimatization a 99% success to the summit.
4. Shira route— Approaches the mountain from the west too. It is 70% successful to reaching the summit.
5. Rongai rout — It has a northern approach to the mountain peak. A Seven days trekking having 85% success to the peak.
6. Umbwe route —- Steep, hard but shortest route to Kilimanjaro, 70% successful to the uhuru peak.
Therefore its your choice to pick and plan your route up Mount Kilimanjaro. Otherwise you could contact with us for more advice.
1. You must be well prepared to take this adventure. 
2. Medical advice – you must be prepared to have Diamox tablets and pain killers.
3. Prevention from dehydration we suggest drinking plenty of water.
4. At least a 2 days rest before your climb.
5. We recommend you choose a 7 or more days climb for acclimatization.